Transit Windsor Survey

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  1. Are you a full-time undergraduate student at the University if Windsor?
  2. Do you live on campus?
    Yes No
  3. How many years have you been a full-time undergraduate student?
  4. What is your full postal code?(use of data only for planning university bus service)

Please indicate yes to support a proposed service or no if the service would not be beneficial to you.

  1. Exam Shuttle Service -- Travel to and from campus parking lots to final exam locations around campus (i.e. Bridge parking lots to St. Denis Centre).
    Yes No
  2. VIA Rail Shuttle Service -- Door to door service Sunday afternoon/evening to all areas within the City.
    Yes No
  3. Downtown Late Evening Bus Service -- Travel home from Ouellette Avenue via Tecumseh Road East, Wyandotte Streets East & West or University Avenue West to major destinations within the City after 2am.
    Yes No
  4. West End Neighbourhood Shopping Shuttle -- Travel to University Mall, Ambassador Mall or other shopping establishments for groceries, LCBO, banking or other needs from the west-end neighbourhood (Campbell, Tecumseh, University/Sandwich Street, Prince Road).
    Yes No
  5. Park & Ride Service -- To campus shuttle service from a particular destination. Please select the location that would meet your needs.
    • Town of Tecumseh
    • Town of LaSalle
    • City Parking Lot
    • None
    • Other location
  6. Devonshire Mall Shuttle -- From the west-end/University of Windsor area to Devonshire Mall for work, shopping, or movies.
    Yes No
  7. Express Bus Service -- Service from specific areas of the City to the University.Please ensure your postal code data is filled out correctly in the space provided.
    Yes No
  8. Is there any other bus service that you can suggest?
    (Please do not use any foreign characters)
  9. Would you support implementation of a tuition-based bus pass?
    Yes No Not Sure
  10. Would you support a tuition-based bus pass if there was no "opt-out" clause?
    Yes No Not Sure
  11. I would sign a petition in order to add the proposed tuition-based bus pass to a referendum, if necessary (500 signatures are required).
    Yes No