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Annual Police Week at Devonshire Mall


The Annual Police Week celebrations take place every year at Devonshire Mall in the month of May. The public have an opportunity to meet Local, Provincial and Federal law enforcement officers.

Families are invited to visit information booths for special activities, demonstrations and displays put on by various police agencies and community groups to educate visitors on crime prevention, public safety and security, animal cruelty prevention and much more. Many interesting and cool vehicles are displayed in and around the shopping centre, for the community  to see up close. 

In addition, the Annual Police Memorial Appreciation Service is also held every year at All Saints Church in downtown Windsor in May, where the community pays tribute, not only to those who have served in law enforcement and are now deceased, but to acknowledge the significant daily contribution of all those involved in this noble profession.

As part of the Police Week, shoppers also take a front row seat at the mock trial of bogus charges and crimes in support of the Windsor & Essex County Crime Stoppers’ annual Bail or Jail fundraiser.




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