Acceptable Forms of Identification

In order to obtain a Police Criminal Record Check, two (2) pieces of valid (not expired) Government Issued Identification must be provided.
Health Card (issued by Canadian Province or Territory) and Social Insurance Number are NOT acceptable for identification purposes.

1.  Primary Identification accepted:

·         Driver’s License (issued by Canadian Province or Territory)
·         Foreign Driver’s License
·         Canadian Passport
·         Foreign Passport
·         Canadian Citizenship Card
·         Permanent Resident Card
·         Certification of Indian Status
·         Student identity card from a foreign institute
·         Student identity card from a local institute
·         Firearms Acquisition Certificate
·         Firearms Possession Certificate
·         Canadian National Institute of the Blind Identification Card
·         Federal, Provincial, or Municipal Identification Card
·         Military Family Identification Card
2.  Secondary Identification:
·         Birth Certificate
·         Baptismal Certificate
·         Hunting License
·         Fishing License
·         Hospital Card (Blue ADMITTANCE card - NOT OHIP Health card)
·         Immigration Papers