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Cost Recovery Fee Schedule                                  
(Effective January 6th, 2014)

Motor  Vehicle Accident Reports and Driver and Witness Statements
Requests for Motor Vehicle Accident Reports and Driver Witness Statements are processed by the Collision Reporting Center of Windsor. Reports are not available through Information Services, located at downtown headquarters.
Requests are to be forwarded  directly to the Collision Reporting Center located at: 2696 Jefferson Blvd, Windsor, Ontario N8T 3C7.  Information regarding fees charged can be obtained by contacting them directly at 519-944-6261.

Transcript (Police Act Matters)   $3.20/page    (HST does not apply)
Photocopy of Personnel related files Actual time + $.05 per page
Contract Duty Administration Fee 16.3% of amount paid to Contract Duty Officer + HST


Insurance Confirmation Requests $60.00
Police Criminal Record Check $55.00
Fingerprinting (non criminal)  $45.00
Pardon Request $75.00
Volunteer Criminal Record Check $25.00 (Must have letter on Agency Letterhead) 
Expungement $75.00
Refunds  Not Permitted
Additional embossed copy Criminal Record Check      $10.00

**NEW** Expedited Service $50.00

Production of Court Orders
Search time  $30.00 per hour
Preparation time  $30.00 per hour
Photocopies  .20 cents per page
Preparation of DVD $69.00 per DVD
Appearance Fee  $55.00

3X5 (1-4 per sheet) photographic print $9.00
6X10 (1-2 per sheet) photographic print $9.00
8X10 (1 per sheet) photographic print  $9.00
11X17 (1 per sheet) photographic print $17.00
24X36 (1 per sheet) photo/diagram on
bond paper $69.00
24X36 (1 per sheet) photo/diagram on
photo-quality paper $276.00
Special requests for wet-process photographic prints or reprints from 35 mm film will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Photographs (1-200 per CD/DVD)  $5.00 + $2.00 per photo + HST
Video Recordings (1 per DVD) $69.00
Photocopy for Crown To be negotiated

Plan Drawings  
Costs as per above if already in a case file library Upon Request, $1,000 + HST per average crime scene of 900 sq. ft. (if access available).
Accident Reconstruction  
Investigation – on scene tech. time $89.00/hour