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Collision Reporting Centre
Motor Vehicle Collisions ​​​​​​
Every person in charge of a vehicle in the case of a collision must provide, when requested to do so, his/her name, address, driver's license number, name of insurance company and policy number, registered owner of the ​​vehicle, and vehicle permit number. Collisions can be reported at the Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) so long as the accident occurred with the City of Windsor or Town ​of Amherstburg limits and both vehicles must be from the Essex County area.


Collision Reporting Centre Criteria

Collisions may be reported at the CRC so long as the following conditions are met:  

  • None of the involved drivers is suspected of being intoxicated   
  •  There are no injured people involved in the collision       
  • The vehicles are not large (i.e. Transport trucks) 
  • Drivers do not have to attend together, but must ensure they have exchanged all pertinent information prior to leavin the scene.
  • Do NOT get your vehicle fixed prior to attending the CRC, as officers will need to view and photograph damage​


The following documents can be printed out and completed and brought to the CRC:

Contact Information

The Collision Reporting Centre is located at 2696 Jefferson Blvd., Windsor, Ontario.
The Collision Reporting Centre can be reached by telephone at (519) 944-6261.
Current Hours of Operation:
9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and all statutory holidays