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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Is there any cost associated for my loved one being on the Vulnerable Persons Registry or the Autism Registry?

A. No.  The service is free.


Q. Who can enroll a vulnerable person onto the registries?

A. A close family relative, friend, legal guardian, one with a power of attorney designation or anyone who either lives with the wandering person or has intimate knowledge of the wandering individual and his/her habits, medical condition(s), places he/she has wandered off to in the past.  The better the details are when provided at registration the better chance of finding the wandering individual in a shorter amount of time.


Q. Are both registries confidential?

A. Yes.  Only the person, or his/her designate, enrolling the wandering person onto the registry will be contacted and liaised with during a time when the individual has actively wandered off.  The Windsor Police, who require this information in the performance of their duties, will have access to the information.  During an emergency situation, police may be required to share this information with other emergency services such as the Fire Department or Ambulance.



Q. What can I do after I have enrolled my loved one on the “Vulnerable Persons Registry”. or the "Autism Registry"

A. It is strongly suggested that you contact the Alzheimer Society of Windsor-Essex County at 519-974-2220 or Autism Services at 519-966-7283 to assist you in strategies that may help in reducing future wandering incidents.



Q. Is there any technology available that can be used to assist in the tracking and locating of my loved one should he/she wander off?

A. Yes.  Please contact our local Alzheimer Society of Windsor-Essex or Autism Services Inc. and they would be happy to discuss several options with you.

Q. Will I need to quote the Report Number if I call the police?

A. No, during high stress situations, there is no expectation that you remember the report number. However, you should indicate that the individual is listed on the Vulnerable Persons Registry or Autism Registry. Windsor Police Service will be able to verify the report number using the vulnerable person’s name or address.


Q. Will I be notified when the annual renewal is required?

A. The annual renewals are the sole responsibility of the caregiver/power of attorney/decison maker/other authorized person. It is recommended that you renew the registration during the month of the registrant’s birthday.



Q. Is there anything else I can do besides registering my loved one on the registry?

A. It would be best to prepare for a wandering incident prior to an actual incident occurring.  By taking the preparatory time beforehand it will enable a timely and less stressful exchange of information when reporting a wandering individual. The following are some examples of how to prepare for a wandering incident:  have all relevant telephone numbers on hand, the wandering individuals case number, who to call, what information you need to relate such as clothing being worn, illness(es), etc.