Special Victims Unit

The Windsor Police Special Victims Branch is comprised of two units in one, the Special Victims Unit and the Domestic Violence Unit.  It is supervised by a Staff Sergeant with eight Detectives who investigate crimes of violence which include sexual assaults, child abuse, and domestic violence.  The Domestic Violence Unit is made up of one Sergeant and three Constables and both units work in conjunction with one another investigating crimes ranging from assault, sexual assault, threats to cause death or bodily harm, forcible confinement, criminal harassment/stalking, break and enter, forcible entry, breaches of court orders and property related offences. It may also involve such abusive behaviors as psychological and or emotional abuse, economic control and or progressive social isolation. 

What to expect when you call the police

• Police will respond to the call for service.

• Police will conduct a thorough investigation.

• If the officer finds there are reasonable ground to believe that an offence has been committed the offender may be arrested and charges may be laid.

• Victim Services of Windsor and Essex County  will be called at your request. They will bring you information on domestic violence issues and resources within our community that may assist you and your children. They can provide for you immediate help with but not limited to:

1. Lock changes.
2. Repairs to broken doors or windows.
3. Referrals to counseling
4. Replacing broken cell phones.
5. Safety Planning

• For reasons of public safety the offender may be held for Judicial Intervention. Possible conditions of bail will be discussed with you.  When the offender is released from custody you will be notified of the conditions of release.

• The police will ask you to provide a video statement.

• If you have been sexually assaulted, the police will request you attend for medical treatment, injury photos, and to have a sexual assault evidence kit conducted at Metropolitan Hospital which will be done by a nurse specially trained in obtaining forensic evidence relating to sexual assaults, Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Center www.whr.on.ca)  You will be required to attend the emergency room where you will be seen immediately by triage and the on call nurses with direct you from there.

• If you require emergency shelter, transitional housing, counseling or safety planning officer will assist you in contacting our Women’s Shelter Hiatus house

• When charges are laid you may be required to testify in court.  The Crown Attorney will represent your interests in the court process and you will further be assisted by the Victim Witness Assistance Program which consists of workers that will direct you through the court process.

• If children are involved and they are under 16 years of age, the Children’s Aid Society will be notified and they will assist in ensuring the well being of the child and conduct their own separate investigation in cooperation with the Windsor Police Service.